Sunday, 17 August 2014

Gratitude – The best of

Recently I have been seeing a viral Facebook campaign to list 3 things you are grateful for, for 7 days. We at Hunter-Rose have been practicing gratitude for years now and we think you will be seriously entertained with some of our submissions. Here is our best of gratitude list.

I am grateful for:

Sucky-inie-undies (yes, I do believe that is the technical term): Whoever invented these babies is a god send!! Having a fat day, week or year? Jump into these miracle workers and voilĂ  you'll have no more handles to love.

Lip Balm: Paw Paw Ointment and Blistex are my personal fave, but each to their own. Point is, should I happen to come across Ryan Gosling, Sonny Bill Williams, Georges St-Pierre or Ed Sheeran I would definitely try and steal a pash. Because of my obsessive balm application my puckers are always Gosling ready.

Coffee: Thank you coffee for keeping me awake at work (and therefore still employed), thank you for creating THE yummiest martinis and most of all thank you for giving me enough patience to not fly-kick every dummy I come across on a daily basis.

Dry shampoo: Flashback years ago when I purchased my first bottle of dry shampoo: As I firmly press down on the nozzle pointed directly towards my greasy roots, the magical mist sprays in slow motion onto my scalp. I kid you not, in the 5 milliseconds it took to travel from can to hair, I heard birds singing, church bells ringing and the hair gods blessing me with arguably the greatest product that the mortal world has seen.

High Heels: Heels and I have a love-hate relationship. As much as they hurt me and have walking me like a 9 month old baby, they are too pretty not to love. For 1 they give us extra height, and you all know that I could use every centimetre I'm given and just as importantly, they make our butts look cute, and who doesn't love a cute butt?

Phone: I have to admit that my phone has become an extension of my self. Do you remember the bone song; "The knee bone's connected to the thigh bone"? Well my phalanges are definitely connected to my iPhone!! I dread the day I accidentally leave my phone at home. I feel naked, I don't know what is going on in the world without access to Facebook and god forbid I find myself alone!! I'll actually have to find something to do or someone to talk to because I can’t fake ‘super busy with phone stuff’ without my phone.

Brow Kit: In between brow tints my brow kit is my saviour. It equips me with mini tools to bring me from Christina Yang (at her Burke wedding) to Cara Delevingne, need I say more! In a time when ones eyebrow game is crucial, a brow kit will kit will keep me on point on the daily.

What are you grateful for?


Ivy xx

Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer/Spring Mini bucket list

So there are the big life bucket lists, which I’m sure everyone has like skydiving or travelling. And then there are just the little things that you want to do but don’t always get around to it. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realise they were actually big things. Here are a few things you can do which are pretty fun.

      1.  Make a Punch
Summer is about long nights and fruit drinks. Yum!! Why not have some friends over and make a delicious punch or vodka jelly. These drinks are dangerous because your having fun sipping a sweet beverage while you have no idea your getting really tipsy.

2. Go on a outdoor picnic
How Romantic! Pack a picnic basket with some yummy snacks and warm rug for the perfect outdoor picnic. Such a great date idea :)

3.Try a new look
We are slowly getting out of winter. YAY! Its time for a new look- something different. So might be a whole new hairstyle or maybe just a new lip colour or a new style of sunnies.

4.  Do tie-dye
Tie-Dye clothes = Awesome !
There is nothing better than having colourful clothes and being a flowerchild. So get your friends over and have tie-dying session with some fruity punch. Hunter-Rose will be doing a how to do tie-dye blog very soon, so stay tuned.

5. Print your photos
How much fun is it to look at old photos in a photo album. We take so many photo these days now but never print them anymore. There are such cool companies such as My little photo book and Picture Postie  that are really  sweet gift ideas

6. Have a slumber party
Get your girlfriends together and have a slumber party and paint your nails, put on a rom-com and pig out on junk food.  

7. Go to a outdoor movie
I have noticed more and more outdoor cinemas in Perth. Why not take advantage of the fresh air and catch a movie outdoor on some comfy bean bags and popcorn. 

8. Nail a recipe 
Find a recipe which you love and become an absolute master chef at it. This can be an amazing desert or just a yummy dinner dish. 

9. Write Thank you cards
They say the best attitude is gratitude. So why not do it the old fashion way. Buy or make some thank you cards for people who mean the world to you. 

10. Have lots and lots of frozen yogurt 
I love frozen yogurt anytime but its even better in summer. 


Loan xx

Monday, 4 August 2014

The Birth Order Effect

They say that order of the birth of children creates certain personality traits, while the eldest are perfectionist, the youngest usually are sociable and outgoing leaving those in the middle feeling a little forgotten. Read on for a look into the birth order effect and whether or not there are any truths to middle child syndrome.
The First Born
First borns are known to be perfectionists; they strive for unrealistic goals, don’t deal well with criticism and are devastated by failure. First time parents tend to become by-the-book caregivers who are extremely attentive, stringent with rules, and overly neurotic about their child. This in turn may cause the above traits. It has been shown that first borns talk and walk before children who are born later. They get higher grades in school and have higher leadership and achievement traits. Naturally first borns are leaders, they are typically aggressive, but many are also people pleasers. Studies have shown the children born first tend to pursue traditionally “intellectual” careers such as medicine, engineering and law. Famous first borns include: BeyoncĂ©, Barack Obama, John Lennon, Oprah Winfrey Hillary Clinton and J K Rowling.
The Middle Child (or Second Born)
As each child is born, the disciplinary rules of the family are relaxed—as well as the expectations and pressure put on those born later. Middle children are generally free-spirited, independent and sometimes rebellious. They are guaranteed to be opposite of their older sibling, they, after all, have to carve out his or her own distinct identity. They often feel like their older brother gets all the glory while their younger sister escapes all discipline. Second borns or middle children are often very sociable and they become good mediators. They can usually read people well, they are peacemakers who see all sides of a situation, they are independent and inventive. Middle children are often the innovators and creative one’s of the family; If a firstborn is a company's CEO, the middle child is the entrepreneur. Famous second borns or middle children are: Martin Luther King, Princess Dianna, Madonna, Bill Gates and Jennifer Lopez.
The Last Born
By the time the last child is born, the parents often let the child's development proceed with more of a hands-off approach. Frequently the older brothers and sisters involve themselves in the child-rearing process—which means that the last born gets an abundance of attention. While lastborns may be charming, they also have the potential to be manipulative, spoiled or babied to the point of helplessness.
 Babies of the family are social and outgoing, they are the most financially irresponsible of all birth orders. They just want to have a good time. Last-born individuals are very good in sales and vocations that involve high interactions with others. Artistic career interest runs high for the last-born such as in acting or working as a comedian. They tend to like public roles where they can gain attention. Famous last borns include: Danny DeVito, Ellen DeGeneres, Cameron Diaz, Prince Harry and Eddie Murphy.
The Only Child
Only children can carry the characteristics of both first borns and last borns.  As a result of gaining undivided attention from parents, only children are often considered to be self-centered. As they never had to learn to share or overcome conflicts with brothers or sisters, they are often described as selfish and not easily forgiving of themselves or others. Think of the characteristics of the first born and then magnify them. 
 They grow up surrounded by adults, and therefore are more verbal and often more mature. This allows for gains in intelligence that exceed other birth order differences. Having spent so much time alone, only childs are resourceful, creative and confident in their independence. More than half the US Presidents, every US astronaut and most Nobel prize-winners have been either first born or an only child. Typical professions are law, politics, science and accountancy. Famous only children are: Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Tiger Woods, Charlize Theron and Leonardo Di Caprio.


Ivy xx

Monday, 28 July 2014

Challenges in your Mid-twenties

Your mid-twenties are like being the middle child, underestimated and misunderstood.  Your too old to sleep all day and party all night, but too young for anyone to take you seriously. People are asking you when are you getting married, but you're too preoccupied eating Ben and Jerry's while watching Game Of Thrones. Here are just some challenges in your mid-twenties.

1. Your friends are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, some of them are inviting you to weddings and baby showers and the others are inviting you to McDonalds to cure their hangover.

2. You have done the traditional route of studying, get a job and start climbing the corporate ladder. Suddenly you realise you hate it and you don’t want to do the 9-5 for the next 20 years.  What the hell am I going to do my life?

3. In your younger years, you would go out Friday, Saturday and a Sunday Session and you were fresh as a daisy on Monday morning. Now one night out takes you several days to recover. You went out on the Saturday night and you still feel hungover on Monday. Is this what old age feels like?

4. You actually start thinking about organizing your superannuation and realise its going to be hard work, because you've joined five different super funds starting from your first bakery job.

5. You think those in primary school have a good life, no worries or responsibilities. They get two breaks morning tea and lunch. While you are at your desk job, only get half an hour eating at your desk. Also when it's really busy you get no lunch break, this is so sad.

6. You starting thinking about botox, as you look in the mirror you think “ I’m sure I never had those lines before” 

7. By your mid-twenties you think you don’t have go through any high school drama. But in reality you realise some people never grow out of the gossip mentality.

It may be challenge going through your mid-twenties so here is some advice from the great Mr Bean:


  Loan xxx